Kwabeng has a lot of needs. While visiting in 2019 we toured the village and found many areas that could use improvement. First and foremost is for more technology and computers. These students do not have the basics that our students here in American have. Aside from that below is a list of many other needs that our village has.

Capital Improvements

In 2008, ABC embarked on two modest capital improvement projects at one pre-school and a Kindergarten. First, ABC built modern restrooms to replace the unhygienic outhouse that the kids had been using for years. The second project was the construction of two new classrooms for the school. The additional classrooms helped to reduce overcrowding in the four, small classrooms, each of which had over fifty kids (ages 3-5). Can you imagine the excitement of the kids who are now using the modern restrooms for the first time in their life? Good-bye outhouse! ABC has also replaced the roof of two classrooms at the JHS that was damaged by a windstorm. In addition, ABC financed the renovations of two classrooms as well as paying for the electrification of an entire JHS building. For the first time, the students in that school have lights in their classrooms!


Out of the 2,000 children who attend the various schools in the town, only about 125 of them graduate each year from Junior High School. Unfortunately, most of them do not qualify to attend Senior High School. Out of the limited number that are offered admissions to various SHS across the country, only a handful of parents/guardians are financially able to pay their children’s fees covering tuition, boarding, books, uniforms, and related fees. In effect, the majority of JHS graduates end their education at that level with no hope for a bright future. ABC has established a scholarship fund to provide financial aid to needy, smart, and ambitious children in the town to enable them to obtain SHS education.

Would you partner with ABC in this worthy cause? Help us give hope and opportunity to some needy children in Ghana by donating to the ABC Scholarship Fund or commit to sponsor one child for their entire SHS education.

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Special Projects

For several years, the children in the town’s main pre-school and kindergarten used a small playground with a couple of crude and unsafe pieces of equipment. In 2008, with generous donations from our community, ABC purchased and shipped to the school a nice, wooden swing set. The equipment was assembled and installed by volunteers from the town. Since then, over 200 children who attend the school each year enjoy playing in a safe environment.


During the last 10 years, ABC has shipped to the schools in the town large quantities of educational materials, computers, school supplies, used children’s clothing, sports equipment and toys. All the items were donated by ABC supporters in our local community who also kindly paid for the shipment of the charitable goods. The donations were distributed to the all the schools in the village.

General Fund

ABC uses all financial donations to support its programs that benefit directly the people of Kwabeng, particularly the children. Designated funds are used exclusively for the intended purpose like scholarships to JHS students to attend SHS, while undesignated funds are used for capital improvement projects for the schools. The common problems facing all the public schools in the town are dilapidated school buildings, lack of modern restrooms, unsafe and poorly equipped playgrounds. Your generous donation to the General Fund will enable ABC to address some of these capital improvement projects.

Library Fund/Library Books

Kwabeng, with an estimated population of 6,000 people, has about 2,500 students enrolled annually in the various public schools (Pre-K to 12th Grade). However, except for the Senior High School that has a small library with a limited quantity of books, none of the other schools have a library. The town itself has no public library and the closest library is more than 25-miles away. Unfortunately, most of the parents are too poor to afford reading books for their children and, therefore, the only books most of the kids have are their school textbooks.

In 2012, through the generosity of ABC’s supporters, the charity raised enough funds to open a public library for the town. The building was donated by the chief and people of the town. The well-stocked ABC Library, which has a Computer Center, was officially opened on June 8 by the District’s Member of the National Parliament, amid great celebration by the students, teachers and the people of the town.