AKWAABA! (Welcome)

African Book Challenge (ABC) is a New Jersey based charity dedicated to working with school administrators, teachers, children, and parents to improve access and quality of education for the kids in Kwabeng, a rural town in Ghana.  ABC is helping the children in the village reach their full potential through education that ultimately gives them hope for future prosperity for themselves and their community.  

The hope is that through your generosity, we can invest in the futures of every kid in the village in order to help them achieve their educational goals and hopefully be able to reinvest back into the village in order to help future generations.

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    We are achieving our goals through impact programs such as:

    Capital Improvements

    ABC uses donations to the Capital Improvement Fund to renovate dilapidated school buildings, provide modern restrooms to replace unhygienic outhouses; add new classrooms to reduce huge class sizes and provide safe playgrounds for the Pre-K and kindergarten kids.


    ABC provides financial assistance or full sponsorship to ambitious, smart Junior High School (JHS) graduates from very poor families to enable them to attend Senior High School (SHS).  The majority of Ghanaian SHS are boarding schools but many poor families simply cannot afford the fees to enable their kids to attend such schools.

    Supplies and Equipment

    ABC collects both new and used library and children’s books, computers, school supplies, soccer balls, uniforms etc. and ships them for distribution to all the schools in the town.

    Through the generosity of ABC’s supporters, the charity raised enough funds to open a public library for the town in June 2012.  The building was donated by the people of the town.  The well-stocked ABC Library, which has a Computer Center, is the first and only library in the town or within 25-mile radius.

    Missions Trips:

    We are excited to have begun missions trips to the village of Kwabeng Ghana.  In 2019 a group of 12 missionaries from Ashalnd Church in Voorhees, NJ went to visit Kwabeng with the goal of building relationships, teaching the kids about Jesus, and looking for new opportunities to serve the youth of Kwabeng for years to come.