Consider Donating to ABC

Ways to help

  • Donate to the Scholarship Fund
  • Sponsor a Child with a 3-Year SHS scholarship
  • Library Fund
  • General Fund

About Donations

Scholarship Tuition is $650 per year for 3 years. ABC also provides tutors out of our Scholarship Fund to help the children excel. Scholarship funds are paid directly each term or semester to the applicable Senior High Schools’ bank accounts and not to the ABC Scholars or their parents.

How to make a Donation

Please print the brochure, select the fund you wish to donate to and mail to address printed on brochure.  That is our preferred giving method however, you can also use the form below to give a donation electronically online. Transaction processes security via paypal.


To make a donation to the African Book Challenge, click the link below. We use PayPal to process all one-time and recurring donations.

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