How you Help

Capital Improvements

In 2008, ABC embarked on two modest capital improvement projects at one pre-school and a Kindergarten. First, ABC built modern restrooms to replace the unhygienic outhouse that the kids had been using for years. The second project was the construction of two new classrooms for the school. The additional classrooms helped to reduce overcrowding in the four, small classrooms, each of which had over fifty kids (ages 3-5). Can you imagine the excitement of the kids who are now using the modern restrooms for the first time in their life? Good-bye outhouse! ABC has also replaced the roof of two classrooms at the JHS that was damaged by a windstorm. In addition, ABC financed the renovations of two classrooms as well as paying for the electrification of an entire JHS building. For the first time, the students in that school have lights in their classrooms!


During the last five years, ABC has shipped to the schools in the town large quantities of educational materials, computers, school supplies, used children’s clothing, sports equipment and toys. All the items were donated by ABC supporters in our local community who also kindly paid for the shipment of the charitable goods. The donations were distributed to the all the schools in the village.

Special Projects

For several years, the children in the town’s main pre-school and kindergarten used a small playground with a couple of crude and unsafe pieces of equipment. In 2008, with generous donations from our community, ABC purchased and shipped to the school a nice, wooden swing set. The equipment was assembled and installed by volunteers from the town. Since then, over 200 children who attend the school each year enjoy playing in a safe environment.